I’m Claudia, I come from Chile, from the south of the world.

By profession, conference interpreter, that’s my job…. International Organizations, Conferences of all sorts, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. In PRH, I put this profession at the service of all the different realities and dreams that PRH embodies.

By profession, I was also a PRH educator for 10 years, between 1991 and 2001.

I first came across PRH in 1987, and here I am 36 years later!

I took care for many years of what was a beautiful property that PRH Chile received as a gift thanks to a dream of a group of businessmen.

Being an interpreter by profession, at a meeting held there, to which the Latin American educators and Andrée Lumeau came, I insisted on interpreting and that it be done simultaneously, with a booth, equipment, and everything… It was the first time it was done in PRH…. I even remember a very beautiful helping relationship, with simultaneous interpretation, where you hardly noticed that it was taking place in different languages… That must have been about 30 years ago.

Since then, I have been able to translate, as a collaborator, I believe in almost all the international face-to-face meetings that have taken place from 2000 onwards, and then by Zoom, in large meetings, personal interviews, workshops….

I feel moved each time… the sensations of those who are expressing themselves reach me with the same frequency, and just by receiving them in all their purity, the words come out to express them in another language… with Reverence, Love, Respect…

Collaborating as an interpreter in a meeting is also an immersion in that human world I dream of…It is meeting educators from more than 30 countries, shared meals, parties, moments of closeness… of laughter… walks. It nourishes me from the deepest part of my being and in all senses. I connect with my faith in humanity that PRH awakens wherever it goes. It is to connect with my aspirations, my personal journey, my bonds… and I feel happy, so very happy to live this capacity that I have “with meaning”. A feeling of infinity comes to me… of “returning to the source”…

It would have been impossible to give what I carry and what I feel is oriented towards the mission of PRH, if the IAAR had not taken financial charge of taking me from Chile to Vancouver, to the Escorial in Spain, to La Puye in France… to pay for my tickets, my stay. If the IAAR had not recognized the gift that I carry, and that is here in Chile, so that it could be put at the service of all PRH. That is touching fullness… and feeling that maybe, through one word, something good will reach some corner of the world…

And now, Italy… And the IAAR, once again, allows me to go and “drink from the Source” …

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