What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift by will, of movable or immovable property. You can grant a bequest both to a person and an institution that has the right to accept bequests, including the IAAR. Some heirs are protected by law and are entitled to a certain part of your estate. But of course you dispose freely of the remainder. So you can grant a bequest to the IAAR.

How to give a bequest?

It is sufficient to mention in your will that you give part or all of your assets (if you have no legal heirs) to the IAAR.
If you are considering to leave a portion of your assets to a recognized organization, please consult a notary, in order to make a specific calculation.

Please do not hesistate -no strings attached- to ask more information to our responsible for bequests, Magda Uyttersprot.

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