The team of educators in Tanzania is very enthusiastic and highly motivated to offer “their people” the solid training of PRH. However, they encounter numerous obstacles to enable young people and adults to benefit from a multi-day workshop on “personal and relational growth”.

First of all, the interactive method of PRH is unknown in Tanzania. People are used to only listening to the teacher and need more time to get used to the self-discovery method. In addition, the level of education of the participants is very diverse. In any given group, there could be people who have a university degree whilst others have only attended primary school. It also requires extra time to bring everyone into the dynamics of the course. This means that a four-day course in Tanzania has to be extended to five days.

Experience shows that the majority of participants do not complete the workshops without accommodation, simply because the daily journey to the location of the workshop confronts them with insurmountable problems. In Dar es Salaam in particular, due to serious congestion, there is a great need for courses with accommodation in order that participants are able to complete the workshops.

What is the content of this project?

The project includes three workshops: the course “Who am I?” for young people aged 17 to 20 and for a group of adults, and the course “Listening to what is happening within me”.

What is the cost of this project?

The total cost of this project is 700 USD. Some of the participants are unable to contribute themselves and therefore receive financial support.

If you would like to support this project, please mention “The Need for Extended Courses with Accommodation” on the IAAR account – Listdreef 22/3, 2900 Schoten

IBAN: BE 757 33034737851


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