For some time, an Algerian PRH trainer had been giving PRH courses in neighboring Morocco. To ensure follow-up, two educators from France went to Morocco to give courses twice a year for the past three years. Some people are intensely engaged in the PRH education. Some are preparing for professional training. There is a need for a third trainer from France to ensure individual guidance and training on site.

A three year project

Up to now, travel expenses and subsistence expenses of the trainers were paid for by the participants in the training. This shows their commitment to make PRH possible in Morocco.

But the arrival of a third person, in addition to the money they pay for their own training, is a heavy cost for participants. Besides, there are people with less financial resources that show interest in the training. Therefore, the IAAR was asked to fund two trips France-Morocco a year for the three coming years.

In this way, those who want to follow a PRH training, can receive the training they want.

Moroccan people have a thirst to construct themselves; people want to find their proper place so that society can move towards more humanness, more equality between men and women, while maintaining the richness of their culture and religion. Arabic speaking trainers will make it easier to reach people.

What is the cost of this project?

This project costs 600 € per year. The amount is used for regular personal coaching and MPT counseling (Methodical Personal Training). Skype will be used, but regular personal presence at site is required.

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