Congo remains a difficult country to live in. Especially in Kinshasa, the situation for the general public is deteriorating. Most of them are trying to survive by running a small stall or doing some odd jobs. Young people, even those with a university degree, have trouble finding work. For those who have work, the salaries are not increasing while life is becoming more expensive. Public administration servants are often not paid.

This also applies to the voluntary PRH-collaborators of which most are in their twenties or thirties.

One PRH-collaborator is headmaster of a school. He tells us that he has to combine three jobs and that his wife runs a store too in order to pay the school fees of their four children.

After 5 years of general training, five PRH-collaborators are in the starting blocks for the training as individual accompanist.

It is an intensive training route spanning two years comprising several workshops, practical counselling and supervision.

During and after this training, they will be able to conduct individual counselling themselves. Two others are following the professional training to become educator.

What's the cost of this project?

None of the PRH-collaborators are in a position to pay for this training, even though some of them are working. Everyone has to pay a small contribution and at least pay for their own transport. In order to guarantee this training € 3000 a year is necessary.
Should you wish to support this project, mention the following on your bank transfer: ‘Project collaborators Congo’

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