The IAAR (International Association André Rochais) is a non-profit organization that gives people the possibility to developing a solid and balanced personality and the capacity ro leave to others. It provides training programs and personal coaching, offered by educators of  PRH. The IAAR supports poor countries in the South and structurally poor target groups in Western countries. In many countries, educators lack the necessary financial means. Therefore, the IAAR collects funds to facilitate this important work. The organization is named after André Rochais (1921-1990), the founder of PRH.

«Everything is there, in these foundations of Humanity, in these interior foundations of men and women on this planet. Everything is there to forge a more human world..» – André Rochais



The IAAR encourages people and groups to develop a broader financial solidarity to support personal and relational development across the world. A better insight in one’s own potential and functioning offers extra value to economic and structural development, all over the world. the IAAR supports the training programs of PRH. Thanks to this personal development training, people develop their self-esteem, their autonomy and their relational skills: they take their lives into their own hands. They stand up for themselves and become more creative in finding solutions to step out of poverty.

A non-profit organization

The IAAR is a non-profit organization founded on January 10th, 2006, under Belgian law. The general operation of the IAAR incurs no management costs, volunteers carry out all tasks. The IAAR currently includes members from 21 different countries. The Administration Council is made up of Spanish and Belgian members.

The organization is based in Listdreef 22/3, 2900 Schoten.

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