Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. Education is an important element in the fight against poverty. Through education they are often working towards literacy. To be able to read, write and calculate, immediately gives you more opportunities to stand your ground. Personal development is important too. Self-confidence, healthy assertiveness and negotiating techniques as examples, are important not to let yourself be exploited or abused.

Good education is qualitative and comprehensible education. In Tanzania good qualitative PRH-training exists, but the programs are in English, not the language that most Tanzanians are fluent in. Today, children learn to read and write Ki Swahili.

Those educators who are comfortable with English translate the program material into Ki Swahili for all the colleagues. This of course demands a lot of time. These are hours during which they cannot be paid.

Every year new programs have to be translated.

That is why IAAR is proposing this project.

What is the cost of this project?

With € 1000, 200 pages can be translated. That is about 300 hours of translating and the program material of one five-day workshop. Should you wish to support this project, mention the following on your bank transfer: ‘Project translations Tanzania’


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