Good training is both qualitative and comprehensive. The quality is guaranteed thanks to PRH, but all courses are in English, not the language spoken by the average Tanzanian. Nowadays, children learn how to read and write Kiswahili. The PRH educators who speak English fluently translate the courses for the other colleagues into Kiswahili. Of course, this is very time-consuming. Meanwhile, they cannot do any paid activities in order to earn their living. Therefore, the IAAR proposes to support this translation project.

There is more to education than teaching people how to read and write. Education is an important element in combating poverty. Being able to read and write immediately offers more possibilities to assert one’s rights. However, education does not stop as soon as people are literate. Strengthening personal development is also important. Self-confidence, self-assertion and deliberation techniques are essential in order not to be exploited or abused.

Tanzania vormingswerker PRH
What is the cost of this project?

For 1000 €, 200 pages can be translated. This takes more or less 300 hours of translation work and is equivalent to the educational tools needed for a 5 day course. 


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