The IAAR supports the PRH-workshops and individual coaching to those prisoners choosing these in the prison of Louvain.

The training given to detainees focuses on obtaining more insight into their character (psychological frame) and how each one’s personal history has an influence on their functioning at present. In this way they acquire more insight into their very own personalities and how they can better handle themselves.

The prisoners mostly learn to become aware of the positive nucleus also present within them. In this manner they learn how to make conscious choices and to function departing from this positive nucleus. This results in them leading a more adjusted life within the prison walls and prepares them for the life outside, when they return to society after a long absence.

Apart from gaining insight into themselves and learning to make choices, they also work at living more harmoniously with the other prisoners inside the prison.

The training can also cause their attitude towards the victims and families to evolve. Very often this leads to a process of grief. They learn how to ‘situate’ their deeds. They gain insight in what was the cause, and they discover how they completely lost the connection with their positive potential during the crime.

The PRH-training offer consists of 5-day workshops and individual coaching.

What's the cost of this project?

With € 2000, 10 prisoners are able to follow a training of 5 days and can continue with individual coaching afterwards. Should you wish to support this project, mention the following on your bank transfer: ‘Project prison Flanders’

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