Life expectancy in the DRC is 57 years on average, among other things due to armed conflicts and diseases (AIDS and others). Many young widows are left alone with their children. Especially in the suburbs, they often have to deal with the stigma associated with the death of their husbands. They generally have no income of their own and are therefore very vulnerable. PRH helps them, through training, to accept their bereavement and to better cope with their new lives. At the request of these illiterate women, the courses are given in Lingala instead of French, which is the working language in Congo. This requires translation of all course material.

What is the content of this project?

The participants (16 mothers) follow the short module “Finding my way after bereavement”, in two groups.

What's the cost of this project?

The project costs a total of 180 USD. This amount covers all costs: the educator’s fee, transport costs and the material used. Participants pay a contribution of 1 to 5 USD.

If you would like to support this project, please mention “Life after bereavement – DRC”

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