Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. More or less one quarter of the population lives below the poverty boundary of 1,25 dollars per day. The daily worry to survive and the lack of education leads to passivity for quite a number of residents. Self-confidence, relying on one’s own strength, insight into relationships, communication skills, creatively seeking solutions to problems are a few examples to underline this.

To this end the PRH-education offers a contribution and proposes a training to future educators and training to young adults who strive to get ahead.

Magreth testifies: “I am following the training to become an educator. For me it was a beautiful and surprising experience to be able to animate short programs. This thanks to the training and financial aid I received .

In 2018 I animated 8 short programs and accompanied 40 clients. I am busy developing a good network. During the preparation and whilst presenting a workshop, I feel filled with energy and creativity. The feedback I get from the participants motivates me to continue on this path and to go for it.”

However, for most participants it is impossible to pay anything for the PRH-workshops. Equally the future educators have insufficient means to fund their training all by themselves.   Nevertheless, the workshops are aiding them greatly to become more conscious of their possibilities and to take action to dynamically work towards fighting poverty and the reconstruction of their country.

What's the cost of this project?

With € 3000 per year IAAR is able to realize the training for 150 participants. Should you wish to support this project, mention the following on your bank transfer: ‘Project training Tanzania.’. With another € 3000 per year, future educators like Margreth are able to round off their professional training.
Should you wish to support this project, mention the following on your bank transfer: ‘Project education Tanzania.’

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