The “Youth of Light” movement exists throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo. These are boys and girls who want to contribute to the improvement of their environment and society. They want to be a light in the darkness they face in their daily lives. This darkness comes in many shapes: injustice, corruption, poverty, unemployment, violence, lack of education, ….

These young people feel victimized by the situation. They are looking for more hope, they want to testify and prove that change is possible.

The “Youth of Light” movement has an impact on society in the Congo. Many former members assume responsibility in society. There is a long-standing cooperation between this movement and PRH: from the beginning, PRH training has been part of the training of these young people. Managers consider it important that future managers are in a position to also follow the PRH training. However, they do not have the means to achieve this.

What is the content of this project?

This project aims to train future leaders of this movement. They are key figures who wish to pass on and spread the values and attitudes that are at the heart of PRH training.

The project offers 20 young people the opportunity to follow the ‘Who am I?’ course.

What's the cost of this project?

For a group of 20 young people, an amount of 520 US Dollar is necessary. This comes down to 26 USD per young participant. This amount covers all costs: the educator’s fee, transport costs and the syllabus.

If you would like to support this project, please mention “Leaders ‘Young people of light’ in the DRC” on the IAAR account – Listdreef 22/3, 2900 Schoten

IBAN: BE 757 33034737851


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