I am fulfilled with gratitude. I am grateful for this work and I thank all the people who have accompanied me on this journey and who have supported me in making my mission become a reality. PRH has helped shape me from the beginning of my formation, and by using this instrument I have rediscovered my faith in life. The PRH instrument has given me many good things, and has especially clarified some elements in my life, thanks to workshops, meetings, and guidance. That helped me to choose the professionalism of PRH as my essential deed.

Three months ago, I accompanied my first ‘Who am I?’ workshop, supervising six participants, laypeople and young adults. These are the categories I chose when I was following the training.

Halfway through March I was delighted and happy when I was accepted as a PRH educator. This news prompted me to become more committed and continually work on my internalization.

Since then I have accompanied a second workshop with nine participants. This time with religious workers, which required a somewhat different approach in terms of guidance.

In April, a religious congregation invited me to present a ‘Who am I?’ workshop in the Mbandaka province. There were ten participants. It was nice to work in the name of PRH-Congo. At the end of April, I accompanied another ‘Who am I?’ workshop attended by four participants, two laypeople and two religious workers.

My work as an educator helps me to experience more openness. I am able to be more attentive and I have further developed my listening capacities. I am ready and willing to accept new invitations related to the PRH training. I will continue my promotion of PRH and awareness-raising work. This calls for more humility on my behalf, cooperation and unity in the team.

Until now, it was only the religious workers who paid for their formation, but they are only able to participate once a year. The big challenge is not the lack of participants but the economic situation. Laypeople struggle to make ends meet and they often attend the workshops without paying. That is a big difficulty because I work as a self-employed person and I have no other job. The support and help from the other members of the PRH Congo team reassures me and gives me hope to move forward.

Thank you very much for the support from IAAR that has helped me to get where I am now!

With best regards,


New PRH Congo training worker

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