Two testimonials from Tanzania

I am Veronica, living in Dar-es-salaam.

As I continue with FPM ( personal formation program),  I feel increasing hope in PRH School because I have discovered that, my potentialities are the only richness in me!
They help me continue growing and I have the capacity to use them in my daily life. I feel hoping that, I will get what I need to become myself. The PRH formation has been a tool for solving my challenges, making constructive decisions by listening from my being and deep conscience and I get all answers through this school.

I have never experienced an education like PRH of which all my answers from my questions are in me!  The book of all answers is my being! All my decisions from my being are right! I am open and ready to receive this wonderful richness that emerges in me!

I am Gloria. After attending 3 workshops, I discovered that, growth process is a journey; for me to understand my purpose to be in this world, I need time and support from PRH educators. Therefore, I decided to join FPM program in order to take my growth serious and be accompanied.

I am sharing a few great achievements from FPM program:

The program allows me to revisit my inner realities, understand them through analysis and reflect how I have been living them. Also having time to review my relationship with others, how they enabled me to grow, know the characteristics of my bonds and what deep values to be actualized through my bonds. I feel advanced on observing which of my actions which brings me a sense of fulfillment. I feel becoming in touch with my being, I am becoming solid in my daily life, existing and being more myself.

I have been able to listen emerging inner voices and make decisions according to my deep conscience. I have decided to take my growth on my hands. I have made this decision freely and from my deep conscience. I feel peace and joy in living my decision. I feel courageous to keep on taking actions on living this decision. I feel able to give full measure as the decision gives more meaning to my life!

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