The IAAR volunteers seized the corona time to do something about a long-cherished wish: to give our newsletter a new appearance. But that was not all…

Our webmaster designed a new ‘look’: a format that matches our website. This Newsflash serves both types of readers: those with little time, but also those readers who want to know more and click through to the website.

As you are reading this, you belong to the second group today. You have clicked through to read on and that gives us the opportunity and the pleasure to welcome you!

We like to keep you informed about what your contribution to IAAR is used for. And what the developments are in the countries and projects that IAAR supports. Up until now we used to do that twice a year in a long newsletter. We want to change this, because we realise that you don’t always have the time to read it all.

For that reason, we have decided to inform you more frequently, but at the same time more briefly. This way we can better keep track of the actuality and the news flashes.

We plan to send a News Flash when we receive some news. We hope to do that four times a year.

At the bottom of each letter you can find a link to unsubscribe, but of course we do hope that you will continue to follow and support IAAR.

Therefore, you are more than welcome to draw the attention of people in your surroundings to the News Flash. And, to let us know what tips you have for us.

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