The Congo is a gigantic country with a very complex problem of poverty and a long history of human exploitation. Social services are non-existent. Fortunately there are many organizations (many small ones) that try to help the population.

PRH is one of them. Two Congolese PRH educators offer people psycho-pedagogical help in the form of courses and, if necessary, a complementary individual accompaniment. They also seek to collaborate with other organizations in order to more effectively assist people whose living conditions are sometimes very complicated.

For example, they work with the Bana Poveda Center, a shelter for 40 street children, who went to the street for different reasons. These children are educated here, receive an education and if possible, they are returned to their families. The elderly have the possibility to learn a trade and are accompanied so that they can fly with their own wings when they leave the center. PRH has a role in this formation.

One of the educators tells us: “Apart from practical training, these young people also receive psychological training. Training on ethical issues and personal growth and development. For this training, we turn to PRH. Young people learn to discover who they are, with their qualities, their defects, and their wounds. It is through the wounds that they learn to stand. Practical and psychological formations go hand in hand. The discovery and development of their skills make people grow and enable them a positive future. This gives a lot of hope. ”

Esperanza, a young man from the center who has trained as a shoemaker, confirms it: “In fact, I did not know who was in me. Thanks to the PRH training, I was able to discover what I am and become aware of my social skills, how to live better with others. Now I can share what I live with those others. This has given my life a lot more value. ”

As the center has very limited economic means, it is not possible to pay the trainers according to their work, in addition to covering the costs of the course. That is why we cannot guarantee their continuation..
To support this promising project economically, we ask for your help.

Congo 1 – A formation for ex-children on the streets
What's the cost of this project?

The cost of a course (for about 20 young people) is € 250, –
The complete cycle consists of 6 courses spread over two years. They are € 1500, – in total.

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