Congo is a huge country (Kinshasa the capital itself spans almost 10.000 km2) with very complex problems of poverty and a long history of exploitation. Social welfare is non-existent. Fortunately, there are many (often small) organizations that try to make a contribution to the society and its population.

PRH is one of these. The Congolese educators offer people psycho-pedagogical aid in the form of workshops and where necessary, additional individual coaching.

They work alongside with the “Centre Bana Poveda”, a shelter that offers room to 40 street boys, who ended up on the streets for various reasons. The children are placed back with their families when feasible. If this is not possible, they are raised in the center and receive training. The older boys get the opportunity to learn a trade so that they are able to stand on their own after leaving the center.

PRH fits into this program of follow-up care. Next to the practical training, the youngsters also receive psychological education. This helps the children to discover who they are: their qualities, their shortcomings and their being ‘wounded’. It is through these wounds that one learns to stand up straight again.

Espoir, a youth from the center who followed a course to become a cobbler says:

“Actually I did not know who I was fundamentally. Thanks to the PRH-education I got to know myself and I became conscious of my social skills and how I can live together with others advantageously.

I can now share my experiences with others too. That has really given my life an added value.”

Congo 1 – Training for former-street children in Kinshasa
What's the cost of this project?

One workshop for 15 youths costs € 250. The complete cycle consists of 6 workshops spread over 2 years. That comes to a total of € 1500. Should you wish to support this project, mention the following on the bank transfer: ‘Project street children Congo’

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