Musasa is a non-subsidized non-governmental organization that works with women victims of violence, often within the family. A number of these women have participated in several PRH courses since 2011. Thanks to grants from the Antwerp City Council, in 2015 they were able to participate in two other courses. A second group has started training. In fact, many other women would like to follow these courses, because the results are remarkable. Training enables survivors to be more confident in themselves, more resilient, and better able to understand what they are living at the level of their sensitivity and their acts. They learn to manage their trauma from the past and can take back the reins of their lives.

Some examples among the women in the first group: some of them have opened a small business to increase their income, others assume a responsibility within local organizations, and one of them runs a small agricultural cooperative.

One of the course participants says: “I have learned a lot from the workshop ‘I am learning to make constructive decisions’. I have more confidence in myself thanks to my interaction with the other women. I have learned that I should also consider myself and not just the others. The others have too much influence on how I live my life. Now I know how to better manage this. I have more control over my own life.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to rediscover who I really am. Now I can make decisions in a different way. I can ask the opinion of others, but I have the last word. Now I have what I needed. I can connect with my interior and face the world with my head high. Thank you very much.”


Thanks to the financial support that the Spanish association “Amigos de André Rochais” (PRH – Spain) granted us in 2017-2018, it was possible to organize formation workshops for women. These sessions helped them gain self-esteem, face the difficulties in their lives, and develop their decision-making skills on their own.

What's the cost of this project?

With € 700 a group of women can follow a course of 5 days. The course is given by native PRH educators.

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