Human reconstruction

After the earthquake of 2010, there is, in addition to the physical work, a lot of human work. Everyone has lost family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors… The educational work of PRH aims at helping people to use their inner strength and to learn skills to manage difficult situations.

With so much damage in a country that was already very poor, it is logical that people do not have the financial means to invest in their human reconstruction. The project collects funds to enable these people to follow training. The PRH educators want to help people out of their underprivileged situation. They want to help people rebuild themselves internally. People find a way to educate themselves, in order to gain inner freedom. Réjeanne Charest and her colleagues are committed to realizing their dreams of a truly humane world.

What is the cost of this project?

Normally, participants pay in proportion to their income. We would like to offer this training to people who can pay nothing or almost nothing. With 500 €, we can offer a two days training to 30 people.

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