Haiti is one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. The social and economic situation of the country is deteriorating further. Young people are unable to find work, moral values are disintegrating, relations are becoming more and more fragile and crime is rampant.

Inflation is ever increasing, people hardly have the bare minimum to provide for their basic needs.

All of this brings about great challenges to the Haitian society.

Most Haitians are missing basic education and a minimum of development. They have no insight into themselves nor in the way that they interact with others. There is a lot of violence and little respect for others, and self-esteem is often a far-off notion.

Especially the young adults are searching for their inner liberation and the means to escape from the moral crisis that is plaguing their families and social groups.

Micheline and her colleague Ninon are prepared to organize more training using the PRH-training. They would like to reach all layers of the population and to bring them into contact with their capacities and self-worth. They want to render them more resistant and encourage them to take initiative as well as constructive steps to bring about the resurrection of their surroundings.

What is the cost of this project?

A workshop for 15 participants costs € 250. Should you wish to support this project, mention the following on your bank transfer: ‘Project workshop Haiti’

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