The center “Hope for Children” in Ouidah welcomes sixty children aged 2 to 14 years who are orphaned or abused and abandoned by their families. They live in the center for a longer or shorter period. The educators are mostly volunteers, who give the best of themselves, but are not professionally trained to educate children. In previous years they have already attended PRH workshops. With this project, this training can be continued. The training focuses on improving “the quality of the relationship with the children”. One of the workshops aims at better understanding the experiential world of children and another at improving pedagogical skills. Moreover, there is a monthly half-day get together to learn to apply what they learned in their daily work with the children.

BENIN – Strengthening the capacity of educators in child care centers
What is the cost of this project?

In Benin, a trainer earns 8€ gross per hour. The 15 volunteer educators pay, each according to his/her own ability, for part of their own training. Therefore, only 1500 € is needed to fund this project.

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