With the support of IAAR and after two years of isolation due to Corona, the PRH educators of Tanzania were able to undergo an intense three-week training session in the remote abbey of Karatu. Maintaining sufficient distance and the required sanitary measures, this was a feasible risk. Lack of the necessary means of communication and good internet, have resulted in them being more cut off than most for the past 1.5 years.

Limited access to vaccination and given the living conditions of the Tanzanians, due to Corona they were also almost completely cut off from helping their clients. Alas, it appears that the problems that existed before have been magnified even further: many domestic problems and a shortage of means to survive, educational problems, intercultural tensions, no solution for the situation of young people….

With the support of IAAR and, considering the sanitary measures, they are planning some projects until the end of 2022.

The Flanders IAAR work group was informed about these problems and chose these projects to support Tanzania. Without financial help, they are virtually powerless.

That is why we ‘are jumping into action’ for:

Masai women in Karatu
These women received little education and lack the skills to stand up for themselves within their own culture.
We are raising money for two groups of 10 women to participate in three courses. Course themes: ‘Less stress in your life, it is possible’, ‘Increasing my resilience’ and ‘Who am I?’. They will also receive three personal accompaniments.

Families in Dar es Salaam and Tabora
These families need more insight into themselves and their relationships. They lack conflict management and parenting skills.
Here, we want to offer two groups of five couples three training sessions as well as three personal accompaniments. Course themes: ‘Myself in relation to my partner’, ‘Raising my children with respect’, ‘Who am I?’

Young adults in Arusha
These youngsters are insufficiently educated and search for a way to find their direction in life. Awareness of their capabilities sets them on the path to making their own choices.
We drew up a program for them with the course themes: ‘Authentic encounters’, ‘If I say no, I feel uncomfortable’, ‘Who am I?’ and also three personal accompaniments each. Here too we want to support two groups of 10 young people with this program offer.

Each project costs €1760. In order to be able to pay for all projects, we are aiming for a total amount of: 3x €1760 = €5,280

The members of the work group have set up personal initiatives in line with their possibilities and their own situations.

Would you also like to take part? You can also start a fundraising initiative or simply donate money to account number
Internationale Associatie André Rochais (IAAR)
Listdreef 22/3
2900 Schoten

Bank: KBC
IBAN: BE 75 7330 3473 7851

citing: ‘In action for Tanzania’.

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