Worldwide we are in a state of semi- or complete lockdown. The virus will keep us in its grip for several months to come. Many formation activities have not been able to take place because physical formation gatherings are not possible. Travelling has become complicated or is prohibited. People in remote areas have not been reached. As a result, some projects have come to a standstill.

But we are looking for alternatives: like many organisations we are making adjustments by presenting the formation and individual coaching online as much as possible.

However, in certain locations there is no internet coverage, or the people do not dispose of the necessary resources to follow online workshops or ask for help. For some educators this leads to: very little work, hardly any income, no social security to cover this loss of income, and no health insurance. This aspect touches us deeply and does make our PRH-heart bleed a little…

But even so, dear IAAR supporter, you know us well – we do not give up easily!

IAAR is pitching in to get through these trying times and is providing PRH educators who need it some money through Western Union Money Transfer. Thus, we are able to support those who are in immediate need.

As an example, with 150 € an educator in Africa can survive for one month…

This is probably the amount of a pleasant excursion with your partner or family, but that cannot take place now due to Covid 19 measures.

If you would like to donate this unspent amount, or a part of it, to one of the educators who really needs it at this moment, it would be greatly appreciated! We will make sure it gets to those who need it most.

Every deposit, large of small, into IAAR’s account with the reference “Covid 19” is more than welcome.

And as you have already understood: it is only together that we will get through this crisis.

Dear friends, heartfelt thanks to you for your solidarity!

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